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Hello, hello :D I go by the name Kristalia/Kris/Kristina and I am 21 years old and i love informatics. I started this blog on my own first, but then, i invited my precious Georgia with whom i share this blog about reviews.

I play games, i watch anime, i read manga, i am a digital artist and many more. But my fav obsession is reading books. I started reading them around 14, but i didn't read much.And then, i started wondering what would happen if i started reading High Fantasy books. And one of my friends suggested "Wheel of Time" series, and when i started reading it - i couldn't stop. I found out that i enjoy reading books and after i found about e-books it made my passion for reading go wild!

As for the reviews - at the beginning, i wrote them because it was fun and because i had to share my feelings with someone. But - these days - i figured out how much writing a review can make me remember about a book that i have read - the love i felt for characters and love i felt for the book itself. If i love the book very much, even if it has faults, i won't be harsh and - unless the mistake had been very obvious, but overall, i never plan to hurt anyone with my revs. I usually write revs for those above 3 stars and rarely for others, because i write those only if i was so excited for that book and it disappointed me so much, or was hyper about that series/book/novella. I am really really honest - and if i like an author and his/her book, i will read more from them - always.

I am also Kristalia on Goodreads (MY PRIMARY PROFILE) - where i am supported by my awesome friends - and i will post my reviews here as soon as possible.  


I read almost everything:

  1. High/epic/dark fantasy 
  2. Dystopia/urban fantasy/science fiction/space opera
  3. Paranormal/supernatural romance
  4. Glbt (love comes in all forms)
  5. Contemporary romance/Historical romances/chick lit/drama - usually with tortured heroes or death or tragedy involved. 
  6. And everything that has tortured heroes.
  7. I ♥ tragedies - the bigger the tragedy, the bigger the impact on my soul - And everything that makes me cry or makes me emotional is a bingo!  
 What i rarely read:
  1. happy-go-lucky romances. stuff like crime/mystery/thriller oriented.
  2. stories which involve wars - be it Eastern wars, Middle East wars, I or II world wars.... you get the idea (Unless it's a high fantasy book). 
  3. I prefer series up to 5 books. Everything that goes up i seriously consider reading. Unless it's Sherrilyn Kenyon (40+books); Karina Halle, J.R. Ward, Larissa Ione or Robert Jordan


★★★- means that the book is fantastic, a masterpiece, that there are no plot holes, characters are beyond amazing,the story is exciting, heartbreaking or/and beautiful. It means it will forever be in my heart and i will never forget it.
★★★★- the book is amazing, i loved everything about it. I am probably in love with the characters, world building and story. It is highly recommended from me and i will probably read them over and over again.
★★★★☆- it probably missed just a tiny something, like...there was a plot hole, or something really "what the hell" happened and i didn't understand. But everything else is amazing.
★★★★- i liked this book a lot. I enjoyed reading it and will probably read it again in the future. It missed something - maybe the story needed more action/more interaction between characters/ less interactions....
★★★☆ - i was probably bored at some point of the book - but everything else is the same as 4 stars rating.
★★★- i was probably bored more than half of the book, forced myself to read, or it was just ok - already seen and nothing special.
★★- why did i even bother reading this? It's probably a book i read till the end if it is a sequel but failed to impress me or it was just terrible.
- avoid at all costs! Unable to finish, plain terrible, a bunch of nonsense.
- HORROR!!!!




2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

Kristalia has
read 55 books toward her goal of 150 books.


The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The High Lord
Mistborn: The Final Empire
The Lies of Locke Lamora
The Warded Man
The Graveyard Book
Night Pleasures
Devil May Cry
The Guardian
Dance with the Devil
Lover Mine
Rogue Rider
Born of Night
The Iron Daughter
The Iron Queen
The Immortal Rules
Monsters of Men

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