Monday 9 September 2013

Just a litle update

Hi guys! First of all, thank you all who followed us so far!

We are apologizing for being absent these days. 

I, Kristalia, have been busy with my life, being busy being on tumblr and also being busy of choosing in which direction my life will go. I just don't have time to read anything and all the reviews that i need to put here (which i already wrote on goodreads) are in need of being retyped.

Georgia is on business trip and she doesn't have time to post reviews here at the moment, but she is still active in reading.
Just go to her goodreads page, and check them out! :D

We have also been thinking of inviting more people to liven up the blog! :D

I hope you are not disappointed in us, and we promise to be back as soon as possible! :D