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Hi y'all!!!
I'm Georgia and I'm 26 years old. I live in Greece and I studied Chemistry and English. 
When Kristalia, my amazing crystal, invited me over to her blog, I just couldn't resist her! Why?

Because, I'm a proud book addict !

I also watch soccer (come on girls... sweaty males!!), subtitled movies in weird languages, I have a dog, Babis that I'm constantly teasing, I play Hidden Object Games, I make chocolate pastries and I cry at commercials with babies...

I watch a bunch of American TV shows. Supernatural, TVD, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Nikita and Game of Thrones, to mention my favourite ones.

Friday nights are for girls' nights out and Saturday mornings for  headaches.
I like rainy Sundays and hot Summer days, lazing on the beach. I wake up at night just to eat the last piece of chocolate, I was saving for my morning coffee.
I never played with dolls (there is just something TOO creepy about them), but I am a teddy bear collector/lover.
I cheat at chess and I know all the Trivial Pursuit answers, so if we are gonna play, you want me on your team. TRUST ME!
Reading is my passion! I always try to leave an honest and sometimes humorous, review for a book I've read, without hurting any feelings and always respecting the hard work of an author.

I got hooked up on romances when I read "Now You See Her" by Linda Howard (I was 17!) and I never looked back! I prefer reading untranslated books. It adds more depth to the story and I can really tap into the author's thoughts and feelings. Thank God for Kindle which allows me to read all the new books instantly. (This unfortunately is not so good for my credit card! LOL).

I am also Georgia on GoodReads (PRIMARY REVIEW PROFILE) an avid reviewer with a bunch of awesome friends. This is a blog dedicated to books and is my pleasure to being invited to co-write. I will repost my GRs reviews here as soon as I can. 

I read almost everything. Even the obituaries and the sports section in the paper... 

Well, my favourites:
  1. paranormal/supernatural/horror romance
  2. contemporary romance/chick lit/drama
  3. historicals
  4. dystopia/urban fantasy/science fiction/space opera
  5. New Young Adult and a very few handpicked YA
  6. Everything that has tortured heroes. I provide them with TLC!
  7. Series! I LOVE series... the longer the better! 
Default recommendations and all-time favourite, can't do wrong authors.... The Amazing Ks!


★★★- means that the book is fantastic, a masterpiece, that there are no plot holes, characters are beyond amazing, the story is exciting, heartbreaking or/and beautiful. It means it will forever be in my heart and I will never forget it. I will keep it in my Kindle, I will re-read it and quote it and dream about it.
★★★★- the book is amazing, I loved everything about it. I am probably in love with the characters, world building and story. It is highly recommended and I will probably read them over and over again. It could also mean mind-blowing, punch in the gut awesomeness!
★★★★☆- it probably missed just a tiny something, like...there was a plot hole, or something really "what the hell" happened and I didn't understand. But everything else,  amazing. You know me... I always complain.. Well let's say the truth. There was probably a cliffie... LOL! Or a whiny character... Or too much shit thrown at as.
★★★★- I liked this book a lot. I enjoyed reading it and will probably read it again in the future. It missed something - maybe the story needed more action/more interaction between characters/ less interactions, more/less sex... And there probably was a cliffie.
★★★☆ - I was probably bored at some point of the book - but everything else is the same as 4 stars rating.
★★★- I was probably bored more than half of the book, forced myself to read, or it was just ok - already seen and nothing special. One dimensional characters, plot stretched thin and/or no HEA
★★- why did I even bother reading this? It's probably a book I read till the end if it is a sequel but failed to impress me or it was just terrible. "What the hell" moments, unbelievable plot and characters. Throw my Kindle against the wall.
- avoid at all costs! Unable to finish, plain terrible, a bunch of nonsense. "What shit is this??" If you see such a rating expect a ranting and hilarious review.. ;)
- HORROR!!!! No... just... no!


2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Georgia has
read 75 books toward her goal of 175 books.

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