Wednesday 27 March 2013

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5) by Karina Halle

When young con artist Ellie Watt decides to call herself Eden White and go after the drug lord who ruined her as a child, she never expects to fall for one of his henchmen. But Javier Bernal is no ordinary man.

Subtly dangerous and overwhelmingly seductive, Eden finds herself passionately in love with Javier, the very person she's set-up to betray.

With her body and heart in a heated battle against her deep need for revenge, no one will walk away from this con a winner.

  • Genre: Contemporary romance, Suspense
  • Age: adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • note: short story
  • Read from March 15 to 18, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★/★★★★★

“You know,” he began, voice low and full, “if you were to ever leave me, I’d come looking for you, on every street.”

I FINISHED IT....WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! FINALLY. Anyway..ehem..*cough cough*, can i just say WTF? Is that enough? Nope it isn't. It was hell of a ride. It made me laugh so many times - and it was sweet romance (view spoiler) until Javier fucked it up (end of spoiler). And this book was so intense.... :D

And then again, you ask yourself: Is revenge truly important, when you start to fall in love with your own target? Is revenge worth giving up if love makes you feel alive? And then again, is choosing love the right decision to make?

“I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. More than I thought I was capable of. Eden, you’ve taken my heart by surprise from the day I first saw you. It hasn’t been my heart since.”



“I want to hurt the man who hurt me. I want to destroy him for destroying me. And I won’t be happy, I won’t be free, until I do so.”

She is nice, kind, and awesome girl. Except she sometimes irritated the hell out of me. But overall, she is not bad character at all. And, she is cute too. She is afraid of what people will think when they look at their scars, and therefore made her a bit of scared of relationships. But she can't help falling in love with Javier, since Javier is one hell of a smooth talker ♥.


Ok, i admit, i swooned over the sexy bastard Javier, but i hated him from the beginning. Here is a bit of a warning: DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH JAVIER. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

“I once told you to leave and not to love me,” he cried out, muffled. “I’m taking all of that back. Not because I deserve it or because I’m worthy of your love. But because I need it like the air I breathe. I need you. I need you to believe in me. I need your love to make me feel like I can be redeemed.”

Javier is seriously hot. Not to mention he was a sweet talker, he has seriously beautiful and sexy comments and so on...but i didn't like him from the moment he took (view spoiler) Ellie's virginity in the way he did. (end of spoiler) That was little harsh to do first time, right? Still, i kind of liked him, but i was not impressed with him (i like Camden more for that matter). Not to mention what he did in the end (spoiler) How dare he cheat on her???? WHYYYYY(end of spoiler) Anyway, i repeat: Do not fall for sexy smooth talker bastard!




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