Tuesday 9 April 2013

Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark #1) by A. Meredith Walters

Maggie Young had the market on normal. Normal friends, normal parents, normal grades...normal life. 

Until him.
Clayton Reed was running from his past and an army of personal demons that threatened to take him down. He never thought he had a chance at happiness.

Until her.
Maggie thought their love could overcome anything. Clay thought she was all he needed to fix his messy life.
That together, they could face the world.
But the darkness is always waiting. 

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to true love is within yourself.

  • Genre: Contemporary romance, Dark, Drama
  • Age: new adult / high school
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read on April 08 to 09, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★★/★★★★★

And if he went into the dark again, this time I would be there to find him – to follow him. Because I thought, perhaps quite immaturely, that my love could help him. Maybe our love could do even more than just help – maybe it could heal him. Fix him. Fix everything.
I need to recover from reading this book. I was gripped from the start and held there, weeping and crying and wanting to strangle someone until it mercifully let me go. This book deals with some serious issues a human being can have, and can handle as well... It can be devastating, but it can be beautiful as well - if you can survive it.
“I was this sad and lonely creature before you came along. And then, just being with you,knowing you love me, has transformed me. My entire life has become this metamorphosis into something beautiful, something happy. I told you before that you've freed me. You've reminded me of what it means to believe and hope.”
By ShelbyCoxPhotography

It also shows the strength in people, the courage to battle with the unknown, to show that there is always a bright side to everything and that it can always win the dark...But is it really the same when you come face to face with it?

“I wish we could stay here. You know in our own little bubble.” I said mournfully as Clay placed small, shiver inducing kisses on the underside of my jaw. 
“We'll just have to move the bubble back to Davidson is all.” Clay said confidently. “But bubbles have a nasty way of popping.” I was being really gloomy, but I couldn't help it. Nothing good ever lasted. 
“Then we'll just make a new bubble.”



“You are everything. To me you're the world.”

First i need to say one thing: congratulations on such bravery and courage. Many would have fled given the opportunity, or stayed away...but did she give up? NEVER! She wanted to know more about Clay, she wanted to understand the mystery that he emitted...she just wanted to know more. The one thing that i hated about her was the fact that she sometimes pried too much and forced conversations, not to mention her killing curiosity. But, she is one of the rare people who gave everything to help....


“I just wanted to be normal. For once, I wanted to feel normal. Is that so wrong?” He whispered.

Clay is...so broken and so beautiful. That is the only way i can describe him. He is really beautiful person on the inside... Except he has one problem which screwed up his life epically - his parents don't care about him, they never supported him, and he was cast out from their lives leading to his ultimate destruction...Until he moved from Florida to Virginia.

Clay grabbed my hands and placed them over his heart. I could feel the erratic beat beneath my palm. “You ran into my life, this beautiful, amazing girl who changed everything. I finally saw what my world could be. What being normal and happy could look like. You've given me everything I never thought I could have! It scares me to think of life without you. Of not seeing your smile or hearing your voice. (...) And all I could see was my life without you in it. And it was a fucking dark and horrible place.”

He is soooooo broken, he is so unstable, but Maggie shows him that world can be such a fun place, such a beautiful thing and that it can all be well... But can he really battle his inner demons and win?


Rachel and Danniel......SADHASJKDAHSDJASH damn them xD (especially Danny), but not in the bad way - they love Maggie and they support her, but they sometimes just irritated me. But i liked them nonetheless.
Lisa and Ruby were great, i love them, and i loved how thoughtful are... They are two beautiful women and they are just amazing.
Maggie's parents....too overprotective and controlling. But they only want what is best for their daughter and i understood that. But they overreacted many many times...
But Clay's parents are another story...They are the worst kind of parents ever, if they can even be called parents. They are great manipulators and their primary weapon is to hurt people with words, and they are quite good at doing it.

CONCERING THE END: contains serious spoilers:

Oh Clay, he is bipolar and has Borderline Personality Disorder as well...which often leads to manic episodes and a lot of cutting... I couldn't bear reading everytime he did that, and i could only applaud for the courage of Maggie, who stayed with him through it all... She seriously loves him, and he loves her..and even if the stuff seems all doom and gloom, i believe they can make it work!
And that letter in the end devastated me T_T Especially after he almost killed himself :( Oh he breaks my heart... :(((((

And how could they end it that way????????


Beautiful, wonderful, captivating, powerful, heartbreaking, devastating, full of awesomeness, full of regrets and "i am sorry", full of laughing, of love and of courage and struggle. I loved every single sentence of it, i loved the story about those two, even though it was sometimes hard to read... But at least i won't have to wait to read the conclusion to this awesome book.

Thanx Debra for recommending it to me, and check out her wonderful review


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