Tuesday 2 April 2013

Kiss a Falling Star by Barbara Elsborg


How far can you fall? Caspar had once shone brighter than any star in the sky. He led an exciting life, had a good job and the love of his family. Now he barely survives in a village where he's shunned by everyone, even his parents. Unemployed, unemployable, he consoles himself with stringless sex-lots of it.

How hard can you land? Ally escapes death by a whisker when she falls in front of a train. Not an accident, someone pushed her, and she doesn't hang around to give them another shot. But she finds herself falling in a different way when she meets Caspar, and she plummets hard and fast. He's dark, he's brooding, he's hotter than any man she's ever met, and she wants him-bad.

How high can they soar? With Ally's adversary closing in, plus Caspar's tendency to screw things up, if they don't open their arms and catch each other, they'll burn up in an atmosphere determined to keep them apart.

  • Genre: Contemporary romance, Romantic Suspense
  • Age: adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from March 31 to April 02, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★★/★★★★★

Five stars because this book was sooooo amazing!!!

Seriously freakingamazing!!! And hot, really really hot! Loved the story, loved the characters, i loved everything! I didn't expect to love it so much, but i just did. I just read and read and read because it is devastatingly addicting. Not to mention all the humor, the heartaches, mystery and all that mindblowing sex (i'm not jocking it was really hot - may as well be best erotica ever xD).

“Hello, star girl,” he said. “Enjoy that?”
“It was fantastic.” Ally threw herself into his arms and hugged him. “I’m still alive.”
Caspar grinned. “I thought I’d come and make sure you didn’t need CPR.”

The story is about a normal average girl called Ally. Except someone really wants to kill her, but Ally always survives. Before Ally gets seriously injured or kileld, the last attempt on her life being "i was almost killed by a train because someone pushed me", escapes to another town. And there she meets walking disaster, aka, Caspar. But is he really as disastrous as everyone thinks or is there another soul hidden deep in the shell of his body? Ally wants to find it out, unless someone kills her before it happens.



“Typical. What’s Ally short for?”
“Alexandria. That means defender of men or mankind. I’m waiting for an attack by aliens. Not quite sure what my superpower is yet, but I’m probably the only thing that can save us from destruction.”

Ally's sense of humor is priceless. Every time she said something i laughed so much. Anyway.... expect for her sense of humor, she is cheerful, she is smart and she thinks. But...does she think all the time? No!! She even successfully screwed up something because of what she thought. But! She is also the one who sees the best in people, who does not judge before she meets the person. She is the type of person who will make you want to confess what you never planned too. She is also the type who is capable of driving someone to kill her. And it freaks her out. So she escapes before the killer finds her. But why would someone want to kill someone who had done nothing wrong?


“You’d better be good in bed,” Ally said, and Caspar almost broke his teeth with the spoon.
“What?” he blurted.
“Fabulous food. Gorgeous face. Sensitive, sad and funny with more history than me, which just about makes you the most interesting guy I’ve ever met. It would be too cruel if you were a disappointment between the sheets.”
“Define disappointment,” he said.

Caspar...Caspar...Caspar... He is in short a criminal, a sex maniac in training, hated and avoided by everyone in freaking town. That is, until Ally changes his life. Anyway... in long, he went to prison because he confessed. But did he do what he confessed? He is quickly judged by whole town and is basically an outcast. He can't find any work, he doesn't have anything - his own family shut him out, he doesn't have any money, he is completely and utterly broke. And, the only way to cope with all of that is to have meaningless sex with random women. Until Ally messes up his life. He is totally loveable and huggable person

♦  The usual suspects:

Soooo...who would want to kill Ally? Jack - her former boss? Mark - her ex boyfriend? or her best friend Emma? The book is told from their points of view as well, and you can't help but suspect everyone of them. They all have a thing for Ally...So...who is the killer?

everyone else:

Hm......Caspars parents i wanted to slaughter for being such bastards and turning away from their only son. Annnnnnnnnnnd, everyone else in the town pissed me off with their quick judgments until Ally opened their eyes...


this must be one of the best books i have read this year. I love the story, love the characters and i love how it gripped me from the start and didn't let me go. And thank Blacky, my love, for recommending the book to me ^_^


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