Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #2) by Julie Kagawa

In the real world, when you vanish into thin air for a week, people tend to notice.

After his unexpected journey into the lands of the fey, Ethan Chase just wants to get back to normal. Well, as "normal" as you can be when you see faeries every day of your life. Suddenly the former loner with the bad reputation has someone to try for-his girlfriend, Kenzie. Never mind that he's forbidden to see her again.

But when your name is Ethan Chase and your sister is one of the most powerful faeries in the Nevernever, "normal" simply isn't to be. For Ethan's nephew, Keirran, is missing, and may be on the verge of doing something unthinkable in the name of saving his own love. Something that will fracture the human and faery worlds forever, and give rise to the dangerous fey known as the Forgotten. As Ethan's and Keirran's fates entwine and Keirran slips further into darkness, Ethan's next choice may decide the fate of them all.
  • Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary,Urban fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance, Supernatural
  • Creatures: faeries
  • Age: mature young adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from November 11 to 12, 2013

  FINAL RATING: ★★★★☆/★★★★★

His dark gaze met mine. “You can’t save everyone,” he said in a gentle voice. “Sometimes, you have to make the decision to let them go.”
*Lights self on fire because of the cliffhanger* - the next book may not be able to put me out of fire (wait, does that even make any sense or anything?). The thing is, i freaking loved this book - enough to originally want to rate it 5 stars... so why didn't i? There are several reasons and most of them include some particular characters and some points of the story. Which is why i took 0.5 stars for it (but it was definitely better than the first book).

I couldn't wait for this sequel to come out, and as soon as i saw it was out, i was so happy that i just had to start reading it right away. Generally, i was not disappointed, it was strong sequel and not just a bridge book. It was full of action and idioticness and crazyness, and scary parts and so on and on...

Unfortunately, the killer ending almost slaughtered my feels, and the next book, which i btw hope won't be the last too, cannot come out fast enough.


Story continues where it left off in the first book... But some time later... Ethan returned to school and life there was the same as it was before. Until he finds out that his actions and "adventure" lead Kenzie straight into a hospital bed... But, his life gets even messier when he goes to find Keirran, who went missing - with one goal in mind - to find a cure for Annwyl who is slowly fading into nothingness To make things worse, the forgotten are slowly rising and it threatens all the worlds. But no one is realizing it...


If you have read The Iron Prophecy you know why it wasn't right for Keirran and Ethan to meet each other. This time, you will understand why.


  Ethan & Kenzie :

Ethan still struggles between hate toward all Fey and helping out his nephew Keirran. He just wants to do what is right, but sometimes doing the right thing may cost him everything. Ethan is the same character as before, although i have to say that he improved a lot. At least he is more open up with Kenzie and he tries his best. And his relationship with Kenzie is interesting, and their interactions are amusing as always. He may have overreacted sometimes, even though he had only best intentions in mind, but some of these actions made him look selfish - but, he redeemed himself.
I swallowed hard. “I promise,” I said, holding her gaze. “From now on, I won’t ever try to keep you away. I’ll still probably be insanely paranoid and overprotective, but if you want to march into the Nevernever and wave a stick at a dragon, I won’t try to stop you.”
She raised a disbelieving eyebrow, a faint smile crossing her face. “Really? You won’t try to stop me at all.”
“Nope. I’ll just be sure to stand in front of the dragon with a shield when it tries to cook you.”
The smile broke through. “I think you have the roles backward, tough guy. Of the two of us, who’s more likely to go waving their sticks at a dragon?”
“Hey, I have swords now. If I’m going to be picking a fight with a dragon, you can be sure it’s not going to be with a stick.”
“Shut up and kiss me.”

Kenzie is the true spotlight of this book. This woman is amazing character. She wants to live her life the way she wants it to be, and for everything to be on her terms. She does not agonize over her sickness, she is quite aware of what is going to happen to her - but she never stops being optimistic and wonderful. She rises up the whole atmosphere, and Kenzie is worth it. Because she is strong,brave and kind.

Keirran & Annwyl :

Their relationship and love was kind of flat out for me. Probably because it was written off pages, and we didn't really see them interact so much... All we know is that Keirran "loves" Annwyl enough to litterally DO EVERYTHING if its going to save her. Which is why i don't like him anymore. There are bounds you can and can not cross. 

Serious – really - spoilers (do not read unless you have read the book):
 And i will probably hate him because he killed Ethan, to save Annwyl...I don't know if i should hate him for saving the one he loves, but he did it in cold blood and also unleashed ALL the forbidden... Now they can return in full form and the Veil is thorn, as far as i have understood. He did something completely undespicable for someone he loved to live. He went dark side and i dont like that at all. The worst thing is that he is going to have some kind of redemption and he is going to get HEA. Well, i hope he doesn't. He doesn't deserve it for what he has done. Unless Kagawa convinces me that it is alright to forgive him.

The old quartet: Meghan, Ash and Puck & Grimalkin :

Ofc ALL OF THEM ARE BACK. Meghan and Ash appear only for a few pages, but Grimalkin and Puck stayed far more. Oh, i cannot explain how much i love Puck and his comments, and how much i love that Meghan got stronger, and that she is not the same mindless and naive girl she was before. Ash irritated me (what can i do, i started to hate him after the first book, and i don't really understand how he had changed, because he didn't).

OVERALL: And i loved it although the certain things like Keirran and the relationship between him and Annwyl put me off, but definitely looking forward to the next book. I just can't wait.


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