Sunday 12 May 2013

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror #3) by Karina Halle

With the Experiment in Terror show finding some success, amateur ghost hunters Perry Palomino and Dex Foray embark on their most terrifying investigation yet. 

A tiny, fog-shrouded island in the rough strait between British Columbia and Washington State has held a dark secret for decades: It was a former leper colony where over forty souls were left to rot, die and bury each other. 

Now a functioning campground, Perry and Dex spend an isolated weekend there to investigate potential hauntings but as the duo quickly find out, there is more to fear on D’Arcy Island than just ghosts. 

The island quickly pits partner against partner, spiraling the pair into madness that serves to destroy their sanity, their relationship and their very lives.

  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror, Supernatural, Mystery
  • Age: mature young adult / adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from February 14 to 16, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★★/★★★★★

“This is the Island of Death. This is purgatory. This place has a dark soul of its own. And it will drown you in its depths.” 


Off the coast of Vancouver, eerily silent in the Pacific Ocean, shrouded in mist, lies the D'Arcy Island. A national monument that witnessed horror like no other. It's the setting for a new episode in a thrilling new web series, Experiment in Terror, that gains in popularity and fans. This will be one hell of an episode to watch for, if the hostess and her cameraman, manage to survive filming it...

“Red sky at morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”

 Dead Sky Morning is for me the best installment yet, in the mindblowing Experiment in Terror series by the amazing Karina Halle.

It manipulates all your feelings, bluring the line between reality and fantasy, delivering pure terror. A scary as hell book, that still manages to make you laugh and cry within a sentence.

It's disconcerning to get so much worked up from a book, but you can't help it. It chilled my blood...

The haunting atmosphere of the island and the helplessness that you can't escape, quickly gets to you. The forest and the sea, suffocate and drive you mad... Literally.

The ghosts are also more "alive" than ever. All the interactions were so much realistic and horrifying.

Fear and repulsion aren't strong enough words to describe it.

And our heroes fall deeper and deeper...

Perry is in love with her partner. She can't really help it.

"I hated what he was doing to me, but I loved him. I hated my feelings, but…I loved him. I hated that he could just look at me like that and I couldn’t think of anything else."

But she also faces some hard truths about herself, of what she is capable and what is really at stake. Her life, her sanity and her soul.

She can't count on her family. Like always, they aren't here for her. But what about Dex? Will be her partner? Her Anchor? Her soul-mate?

Dex is at a breaking point...

“I really hate you sometimes,” I blurted out. He shrugged. “I don’t blame you. I hate myself too sometimes. Often.

Hell, I swear he broke in this book, right in front our eyes.

But that was just the first layer. I dread the next. The mystery around him deepens with every page and the infuriatingly sexy man finds a place inside our heart.

Our favourite couple deals with a HUGE pile of sh*t in this book. I mean A LOT. My gran always says, when it rains it pours and it sure does. Right now, having finished the book, I'm drained and..

Addictive and exhilirating Experiment in Terror, is a must read. 

In this particular book something happens that gets the ball really rolling. Big revelations and uncontrollable emotions. A force of nature has been unleashed...


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