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The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden #2) by Julie Kagawa

In Allison Sekemoto's world, there is one one rule left: Blood Calls to blood.

Cast out of Eden and separated from the boy she dared to love, Allie will follow the call of blood to save her creator, Kanin, from the psychotic vampire, Sarren.

But when the trail leads to Allie's birthplace in New Covington, what she finds there will the change the world forever - and possibly end human and vampire existence.

There's a new plague on the rise, a strain of the Red Lung virus that wiped out most of humanity generations ago - deadly to humans and vampires alike. 

The only hope for a cure lies in the secrets Kanin carries. If Allie can get to him in time...
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic, Urban fantasy
  • Creatures:Vampires, Zombies
  • Age: mature young adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from May 03 to 04, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★★★/★★★★★

"“There are no good choices, Allison,” Kanin offered in a quiet voice. “There are only those you can live with, and those you can work to change.” "

I need to recover from this one. My mind is blown into pieces. My heart has been repeatedly smashed into the wall, picked up and smashed again. But thankfully i am still alive.

This sequel is probably the best book i have read this year and in a while. Absolutely amazing, full of action, fast paced and totally ended with a freaking cliffhanger over which i am still being mad about.

And this cliffhanger... oh my god. She can't do this to her fans!!!!! it's unacceptable! I am not ashamed to admit that i cried over it. I just did and i couldn't help myself.

Anyway..... it was just perfect. Well, bluntly said, i am in love with this book and this author. And i am in love with her characters. But! One thing! Could the cover be any more worse than it is? The blue one looks like placeholder and the both girl ones are horrible. :( Well, you cant judge book by it's cover.

P.s. i am totally Team Kanin even though it's not love triangle T_T
first time i actually want a book to have it.

*this review contains slight spoilers for this book, nothing serious or worth killing me for, and spoilers for first book - proceed with caution.*


After leaving Eden, Allie starts searching for her sire, Kanin, who was being tortured by a vicious vampire Sarren, out of revenge. Since blood calls to blood, she wants to rescue him at all costs but accidentally stumbles on a person she expected the least - Jackal - her enemy and her blood brother.

And they are set on finding Kanin.....for different reasons. And she has to trust him - even though she can't.

Meanwhile...strange things happen within a certain town...and it has to be stopped. At all costs. No matter how.


The story was certainly far better than the first one. SO many plot twists happened and some of them i really hated. But, it made this book totally unexpected and strong.

I wouldn't call this story about love. Love is so little present in this book, and its all focused on the story, but it was there and it was beautiful. It's a story of a bond, of family and revenge.


Now....onto the spoiler part:
safe only for those who finished the book:

>>> Oh my god. All things that happened killed my mind. First, we find out that Sarren is absolutely psychotic and his methods are horrible. Then, we find out that Kanin is held in the old city Allison lived in, and even worse, that Sarren stole the virus which was a form of red lung which now terrorizes the city. And then Zeke appears and comes to the rescue *swoons*....Jackal is being awesome asshole and all...and they finally rescue my honey Kanin.

I gotta say, i love Kanin, i love how he accepted everything...Allie's relationship with Zeke, even though he warned her of staying out of contacting the humans, and i loved him for it. And i secretly worship him with Allie. He finally spills his guts about many many things as well. Makes me love him even more.

But then shit starts happening and Kanin gets poisoned by that bastard Salazar, and the worst thing of all was when Zeke got infected too. I thought he was going to die.

But nothing prepared me for what Sarren did to Zeke......oh my god...that scene...i cried so much. Julie can't do this to us... i hate it! T_T It was completely and totally devastating and horrible.



"“I know what it’s like to miss someone. To feel like you’re just… wandering around, lost. And how you wish they were there, if only for a moment, just to point you in the right direction.”"

Allison is strong, awesome and just fantastic. I love her character, i love her witness and i love her cunning. She still struggles to not be the monster the others are...she tries to be strong and not to kill innocent people - so she choose the lesser of two evils, and now hunts criminals and thugs. The only thing which makes her keep  humanity is Zeke...He is sort of her limiter, and he became even more...he became her consciousness, her awareness of right and wrong.

" “The lesser of two evils was still evil.” "

She wants to find Kanin at all costs, he after all, saved her life and she wants to return the favor....especially after all the dreams she saw about him....All the pain and misery he suffers at the hands of Sarren.

Her love with Zeke progresses and i was so happy for it... they are absolutely cute as a couple and both of them are just adorable ♥


" “I don't believe in fate," he said carefully, "but... I do believe everything happens for a reason. That there is some plan, some meaning to this darkness we live in.” "

Yes. Zeke is back. Yes. If i could hug him, i would. He is just huggable person. Pure, honest and amazing (even when he keeps his secrets). And horribly optimistic. That part of him never changed...but some others did.

" “Only death will take me away from you, vampire girl," he whispered. "And even then, I'll watch over you from wherever I end up.” "

He truly accepted Allie for what she was, and he wants a chance with her, he doesn't see her as a monster she is, but as someone else...different vampire than he was used to hear about and see.

" “You're still beautiful and dangerous and incredible, and I'll keep telling you that for as long as it takes you to believe it. But right now, all I want to do is kiss you, except I'm terrified that if I try you might throw me off this balcony.” "

But...he is bent on revenge and he wants to kill Jackal for all he had done to his family. And he won't back down easily...


"“Because we must.” Kanin’s voice and expression remained the same. “Because there is nothing else we can do. Because there is no one else.” His voice dropped, becoming nearly inaudible. “I will put my trust in hope once more, and perhaps this time, it will be enough.”"

Oh Kanin. This book is mostly oriented on his rescue....And the poor vamp has been suffering for so long. I love how he got through a transformation after the rescue. He was no longer a teacher, but he became a friend, a family. He is wonderful character, and i forgave him for everything and i wish other vampires and humans would too. He did whatever he could to save everyone and when the plan backfired, he got blamed for it. And now he has an army of pissed vamps and humans, and worst of all, Sarren, on his back. The worst thing of all is that he is so filled with regret, that it made him so much different. He doesn't want any more blood on his hands and he is forced to bear with it for the rest of his life...and we are talking about eternity.

  “You will always be a monster - there is no turning back from it. But what kind of monster you become is entirely up to you.”


Another snicker. “What you have to ask yourself,” he continued, “is whether I’m the type who would stay awake long enough to kill you after you fall asleep, or if I’m an early riser who would kill you before you woke up.”

Oh Jackal...Jackal...Jackal...
He is the character who appears literally at the beginning of the book. I must say that i really did not like the bastard in the first book, being psychotic vampire who killed a lot of humans including Zeke's group,he just... grew on me. He is extremely sarcastic, and i mean it, his every sentence is sarcastic - and it made me laugh so many times.

" “We’re both still here.”
He drew in a slow breath. “Allie…”
“Oh, don’t mind me,” came an extremely sarcastic voice near the wall. “You two go ahead and make out—I’ll just sit here and bleed quietly.” "

 He hates it how Allison doesn't accept that she is vampire. He thinks that humans are meant to be ruled and therefore his controlling behaviour. But...he is quite complex and he is neither good nor bad...he is too complicated to understand if he is really good or if he is just plain bad. And when you read the book - you will know.


"Perhaps a song is worth a thousand
pictures, hmm?"

Extremely psychotic vampire........and absolutely creepy...He is a picture of pure madness and disaster. Being totally crazy, he torments everyone he could get his hands on and he is professional at doing it. *shivers*

He takes a great pleasure at torture, and i just couldn't bear all he did to my lovely Kanin....

Everyone else:

There are many, many characters which appear, and talking about them would be spoilerous, so i will refrain myself. But, i must say how disappointed i was by certain character...


Wowowowoowowwowowowow. This series is one of those i love the most. Everything is done nicely, writing is amazing, it's a type of the book where you can easily imagine whole scenes and events. To me, it felt like watching a movie, and it is a rereading material kind of book. Everything was perfect, well done and fantastic.
If you haven't read these books, what are you waiting for - read them now! But that cliffhanger is killing meeeeeeeeeeeeee! I can't wait for the final book (or at least i hope it will be)!

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