Friday 3 May 2013

Going Under by S. Walden

Brooke Wright has only two goals her senior year at Charity Run High School: stay out of trouble and learn to forgive herself for the past. Forgiveness proves elusive, and trouble finds her anyway when she discovers a secret club at school connected to the death of her best friend. She learns that swim team members participate in a “Fantasy Slut League,” scoring points for their sexual acts with unsuspecting girls.

Brooke, wracked with guilt over her friend’s death, decides to infiltrate the league by becoming one of the “unsuspecting girls,” and exact revenge on the boys who stole away her best friend. An unexpected romance complicates her plans, and her dogged pursuit of justice turns her reckless as she underestimates just how far the boys will go to keep their sex club a secret.

(This is a New Adult fiction book with mature themes. It contains graphic sex and language and a description of sexual violence.)

  • Genre: Contemporary romance, suspense, dark
  • Age: New adult
  • Source: owned ebook
  • Read from May 01 to 03, 2013
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FINAL RATING: ★★★★/★★★★★

This book is so difficult to review. I don't think i have read something as serious as this for a while.

Its a story of:

and also a story of:

It is about something that most of people avoid talking..Thing people are traumatized for life...thing which makes you feel ashamed, disgusted and afraid... Rape is a big and scary thing that happens all over the world...but so few rape victims actually report the deed. They don't because to them it is hard, it's shameful and they are afraid of what will society think....So they don't. But the ones which did.....i say they are brave, and that they have done the right thing! People who do those things deserve to rot in jail for as many years they can get!

Its a heavy story, but its also strong and it grips you and it doesn't let go so easily. In the end, i loved it even though the first part of the book was a little bit slow in the start and all with all of the thinking and reasoning was something i had difficult time to get over with....But the love story was something else. It was quite, sweet and fun, just like any other story.

The thing i loved in this book is this:


There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone lie. Everyone hurts. But everyone can also love and be beautiful in someones else lives.


Once upon a time there were two girls. They were best friends.

Their names were Brooklyn and Beth. Beth, she had it all, perfect life and everything. Until the event that destroyed her. A boy from her school, Cal, raped her and destroyed her world. Then, her best friend betrayed her by sleeping with her boyfriend Finn. And because it was too much for her to bear, in the end she took her own life.

Guilt has been destroying Brooke for years. She can't get over of what she had done to Beth. She knew she was wrong, she knew she did something terrible, and it's eating her alive.

Only way she thought she could redeem herself was to go to Beth's school, become rape victim and report the ones responsible for it. Including Cal. But is she strong enough for it? Can she really get her revenge?

Brooke thinks she can. She will destroy them. And nothing will stand in her way. Except...she falls in love. With an outcast of the school...Ryan.

She discovers that there is a group of people in that school, a swim club, raping girls - without any consequences. And Brooke is going to make them pay for it.


The story is really hard and morbid and twisted. It's very very emotional...But it was also sweet, cute and wonderful,with all those funny scenes and romantic moments between Ryan and Brooke. 



I just couldn't understand how Brooke could have done that to her best was so wrong and so f*cked up. But it made her real...she is not perfect, she is with a lot of flaws....

She is reckless, brave and in a way selfish. She thinks only of revenge. Her guilt is making her suffer and she is going crazy over it....But she is also really good and wonderful person on the inside.

But after meeting Ryan, she slowly changes her perspective...she starts to change her opinions, but she won't stop until they get what they deserve.

She is also the reason i gave this book 4.5 stars instead of 5.


Ryan is the outcast. Everyone avoid him, but Brooke can't. Especially after meeting him on the Beth's funeral. He knew Beth, and he decided to honor her by being there...But it was kind of love at first sight.

Ryan is a good guy - he truly is - but he looks like bad boy type...The type everyone warns you about...and the mysterious type.


Please let me slaughter all the guys from this book except for Terry and Ryan. Terry was absolutely awesome, and his humor is priceless, and he saved the whole situation. He helped and he was there. That is what is important.

Cal on the other of the popular and beautiful guys.... but...

he should get a book about how he rots in jail for the rest of his pathetic miserable and disgusting life.

That goes for the rest of swim team (honor to the exceptions), or at least the guys who were in the fantasy slut league, especially Tim and Parker .

Lucy and Gretchen were amazing characters, all of the parents were strong and kind and understanding which i loved.


WOW. it was amazing it was devastating and it was unique and it was hard to read. But it was worth it.

No one should suffer like that and not say anything. Even one person can be enough...keeping it all in can destroy everything.

But, doing the right thing can save you, and sometimes the best revenge is to move on and continue your life....happily ever matter how wrong and difficult it may seem.

Don't miss the additional scene Walden wrote! Though i suggest reading them after reading the book :D and all of them are from Ryan's POV. You won't regret them:
Gamer's embraceRyan meets Gretchen Ryan Reacts ♦ 


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