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Iced (Dani O'Malley #1) (Fever #6) by Karen Marie Moning

The year is 1 AWC—After the Wall Crash. The Fae are free and hunting us. It’s a war zone out there, and no two days are alike. I’m Dani O’Malley, the chaos-filled streets of Dublin are my home, and there’s no place I’d rather be.
Dani “Mega” O’Malley plays by her own set of rules—and in a world overrun by Dark Fae, her biggest rule is: Do what it takes to survive. Possessing rare talents and the all-powerful Sword of Light, Dani is more than equipped for the task. In fact, she’s one of the rare humans who can defend themselves against the Unseelie. But now, amid the pandemonium, her greatest gifts have turned into serious liabilities.
Dani’s ex–best friend, MacKayla Lane, wants her dead, the terrifying Unseelie princes have put a price on her head, and Inspector Jayne, the head of the police force, is after her sword and will stop at nothing to get it. What’s more, people are being mysteriously frozen to death all over the city, encased on the spot in sub-zero, icy tableaux.
When Dublin’s most seductive nightclub gets blanketed in hoarfrost, Dani finds herself at the mercy of Ryodan, the club’s ruthless, immortal owner. He needs her quick wit and exceptional skill to figure out what’s freezing Fae and humans dead in their tracks—and Ryodan will do anything to ensure her compliance.
Dodging bullets, fangs, and fists, Dani must strike treacherous bargains and make desperate alliances to save her beloved Dublin—before everything and everyone in it gets iced.
  • Genre: Urban fantasy, Paranormal,  Supernatural, Dystopia, Romance, Magic, Dark
  • Creatures: Fae
  • Age: adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from November 01 to 07, 2012

FINAL RATING: ★★/★★★★★

This is so not awesome. Really.
This book has failed my expectations T_T....I expected so much more.., AND i certainly did expect more Mac and Barrons :D BUT NO! They did appear, but only in One to two scenes!!! SO PISSED OFF T_T .

Never mind that, except for the characters, i really loved the plot of the book, especially the ending, and i really hope Moning wont disappoint me as much as she did with this one. I mean, all of her books were cool, but this one was kind of pointless addition to the series.

*minor spoilers, nothing to worry about*



DANI - is to freaking irritating, self obsessed, self centered, pisses me off, reckless, too self confident, too much "I am the MEGA" parts, "i am indestructible" parts. What happened to Dani that i used to read about? Where did that awesome girl go? =_= Anyway, she uses constantly words Feck, dude, and such. Way mature Dani. The only thing that i liked about her was that she actually cried, even though she also used it to her advantage. SO...what do people see in her anyway? I loved her once, but now she is gone intolerable.


CHRISTIAN - also pisses me off, i get it that he is turning into Unseelie prince, and thus, we have Fever story repeated again: Love triangle with Ryodan (?), Christian (he even declared Dani his bride), and Dani (which hates the both of them) thus making it unbearable. But oh wait, there is Dancer too! He also likes "the Mega (annoyance)"...So, Christian is way to sure Dani's gotta be his (nevermind the fact that she is just 14 years old), and he is to obsessive, irritating to the core, impossible and just (go die in the corner, oh wait something like that happened near the end when the hag gutted him :D YAAAAAAAAAAY, or not My point was that he is turning out to be just like V'lane in Fever.

"She’s pale and still as death. It’s a disturbing turn-on."

WHAT THE HELL???????? I MEAN SERIOUSLY????????????


RYODAN - WTF is wrong with him anyway? He is just like 30000000x worse than Barrons. This one is self centered jerk. I actually think they all are. Except for Dancer. Anyway, he is obsessed with Dani (why is that? (nevermind the fact that she is just 14 years old AGAIN AND BASICALLY A FREAKING CHILD)), and he is obsessed(?) with Jo..........I have no idea....First he forbids Barrons to be with Mac, now he goes and bonds(sleeps with her and such) himself with Jo, and alas, thus gets compassionate side revealed. NOT! I don't like him, yet. At least he got GUTTED MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA . Not to mention that he abuses Dani and i dont like that! Shoo, shoo, go away!

Jo :

Jo - go to hell. Well, don't, but she is just too............gaaaaaah T_T


DANCER - IT is sad how his time was so short in the book so long. I think he is cute nerd, of a genius type and i liked him. Probably the only one who didn't make me go mad :D Brother, you got my approval.



Probably the best are the Icing Aka, the Hoar Frost King and the reason it was happening, and also The Crimson Hag which likes to gut people, take their guts and knits them into a cape or something............. I think all the parts with those two were awesome.

Conclusion: The characters were at fault here, because i didn't find anything else annoying or boring. The story itself was pretty much interesting... This could have been so much better T_T

oh. and p.s. the best part of the book was when they commented about music groups. I laughed so much. I know them all mwahahaha:

"I got almost ten thousand songs on it! Motorhead to Mozart, Linkin Park and Liszt, Velvet Revolver to Wagner, Puscifer and Pavarotti and everything in between. I even got show tunes and cartoon soundtracks!
Ten minutes later Lor says, “What is this crap? Who let her load the iPod?”
“Nobody else brought one,” I say. “I chose awesome music.”
“Where the hell is Hendrix on this thing?” Lor takes it out of the sound dock and scrolls through it, looking pissed. “By whose definition is this music?”
Jo says, “Did you get any Muse? I love Muse.”
“If I’d known you all had such crappy taste in songs, I would have brought more earplugs,” I say. “Dissing my taste. Like Hendrix is even listenable. And Muse is something you do.”
“Well, Disturbed,” Jo says, “is something you are.”
“And Godsmacked is something you get,” Dancer says. “But hopefully not tonight.”
“Don’t you have any Mötley Crüe or Van Halen?” Lor says. “Maybe ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’?”
“How about some Flogging Molly,” Christian says. “Dani, my darling, how could you not like the ‘Devil’s Dance Floor’? And what about Zombie?”
“I got ‘Dragula’ and ‘Living Dead Girl,’ ” I say defensively.
“Bloody hell, ‘Living Dead Girl’ is one of my favorites!” Christian says, and grabs the iPod from Lor and starts scrolling to it.
I snatch it and hold it behind my back. “Don’t mess with my lineup. Nobody else thought to bring an iPod. That means I’m in charge.”
Ryodan takes the iPod from me so fast it’s there one sec, gone the next.
“Hey, give it back!”
He scrolls through the playlist. “What’s the deal with all the Linkin Park, for fuck’s sake.”
“Dudes, we need noise. Quit taking the iPod off the dock.” Dancer snatches the iPod from Ryodan and puts it back on the dock. “And Mega has a crush on Chester.”
“I do not!”
“Do too, Mega.”
“He’s like, old!”
“How old?” Christian says.
“Like at least thirty or something!”
Lor laughs. “Fucking ancient, ain’t it, kid?”
“Dude,” I agree. I like Lor.
“You got any Adele?” Jo says hopefully.
“Not a single song,” I say happily. “Got some Nicki Minaj, though.”
“Somebody kill me now,” Ryodan says and closes his eyes.


I BELIEVE IN KMM ♥ i looooooove her books, and i think this one is just like Darkfever, it doesn't promise anything but it delivers blast after :D


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