Sunday 5 May 2013

Red Glove (Curse Workers, #2) by Holly Black

The cons get craftier and the stakes rise ever higher in the riveting sequel to White Cat"--now in paperback!After rescuing his brothers from Zacharov's retribution and finding out that Lila, the girl he has loved his whole life, will never, ever be his, Cassel is trying to reestablish some kind of normalcy in his life. That was never going to be easy for someone from a worker family that's tied to one of the big crime families--and whose mother's cons get more reckless by the day. But Cassel is coming to terms with what it means to be a transformation worker, and he's figuring out how to have friends.

Except normal doesn't last very long. Soon Cassel is being courted by both sides of the law and is forced to confront his past--a past he remembers only in scattered fragments, and one that could destroy his family and his future. Cassel will have to decide whose side he wants to be on, because neutrality is not an option. And then he will have to pull off his biggest con ever to survive....
  • Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Mystery, Supernatural
  • Creatures: Super Powers humans
  • Age: young adult
  • Source: owned ebook 
  • Read from December 05 - unknown, 2012


Need a hand? by ~Saint-Stu

I am officially dropping the series, it has been to painful to read this one. I expected so much more, but all i got were annoying (especially main) characters and not so good story. I dropped it around 5th chapter. I really tried to like this series, i really did, and i was so hyped to read the books, but i just couldn't finish it, even if it is short book. Mostly it was dropped due to lack of interest.

I also don't like not finishing books, so this makes my first.

so few reasons why i dropped it: 

1. I don't have any attachments for characters.
2. Cassel is way to irritating for my taste. Because he is super cool transformation worker, i can only guess how he will act from now on. Because hey, transformation workers are rarely born :D
3. Lila..... i don't mind her, but i am not interested in her story at all. Especially not after being worked by Cassel's mother to love Cassel.
3. Philip's death was good plot twist, but i am just not interested in finding out who his killer is...
4. The writing style didn't work for me :(
5. I don't like way to long chapters.
6. Lack of interest.
7. if there are more reasons i can't remember.........

though, i laughed so much at this one:

“That stoner dude, Jace, says he hooked up with someone over the summer,” Kevin whispers. “But I hear all the pictures he’s showing around are really pictures of his half sister. Fifty bucks says there’s no girlfriend.”

We have mention of Jace Wayland people :D

Maybe i finish it someday, but i doubt that :(


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