Wednesday 29 May 2013

Drip Drop Teardrop (Drip Drop Teardrop, #1) by Samantha Young

Even Death Can Fall in Love...

Avery hasn’t had it easy.

When she was ten years old her parents died in a car crash. Now nine years later her Aunt Caroline is the only family she has left. And Caroline is dying.

So when Death comes knocking (quite literally) in the form of the damaged and dangerous, Brennus, Avery makes a deal with the reaper in order to save Caroline.

Brennus is an Ankou.

One of the many, once mortal men and women, who were given the choice to become an immortal in exchange for ferrying the dead over into their afterlife.

Nine years ago Brennus took Avery’s parents and tried to take Avery, but she fought him and won. Amazed by her strength Brennus followed Avery and has watched over her.

Now he knows Avery is the one to offer him freedom from his obligation to the dead.

And he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

  • Genre: Contemporary, Magic, Paranormal, Romance, Supernatural
  • Creatures: Death/Grim reaper
  • Age: mature young adult
  • Source: owned ebook
  • note: short story/novella
  • Read on May 29, 2013

FINAL RATING: ★★★/★★★★★

“So what’s on the agenda tonight?” She asked softly. Giving in.
Brennus stood up and held a hand out to her. “For one night only… I’m going to show you my world.”

I love Samantha Young, i love her writing and her stories.

Drip Drop Teardrop is a nice novella, but too short for my tastes.

And even though the story may seem already seen, it is still interesting and nice concept. Though it would have been better if it was longer - because it really had potential to be absolutely great. Don't get me wrong, this novella was really well done. Characters were nice, interesting and well developed, but i didn't really love them, i just liked them.


Avery lost her parents when she was young and her only comfort and family left was her aunt, who is dying. Avery dreads of being left alone, without family.

Enter Brennus, one of the Ankou.

He is there to ferry the dead into their afterlife. And he is interested in why he why he wasn't able to ferry Avery too when he took her parents. And one day, he decides to appear in her life and he gives her a choice: Fall in love with him in a week and save Caroline or he will ferry Caroline before her time comes.


I may have hated Brennus for doing that to Avery, for giving her in fact only one choice, but he redeems himself in the end... It was interesting to learn of his past, of how he became an Ankou and of other things he went through. Take of your shirt for me honey, will you Brennus ;D?

Which i cannot say for Avery, she was just not so interesting to me as Brennus was (who in fact, stole the spotlight from Avery, mwahahhah). But she was still nice character and i loved her friends, especially Sarah (which second book will be about as it seems) ;)

Anonna was quite irritating and quite b*tchy so yeah, she deserved it.


Anyway, interesting novella, especially if you want something short, interesting and good to read ;)


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